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NTV Spor (42.0E) 7/5/2012
Key. A0 21 23 00 35 46 14 00 

ART Prime Sports (Yamal 202) 
3946 L 2963 
Key: FF DE 98 74 5B D2 2C C6
New keys 5/5/2012

Series +4 Eutelsat 3C (3.0°E) 12640 V 15000 3/4 DVB-S2 8PSK Biss Orbit SID:0A91  03.05.2012
key : E4 A9 C7 54 C9 FB 62

fann 12640 v 15000 3/4 Eutelsat 3C (3.0°E) Orbit SID:0A93 03.05.2012
key biss 58 C7 CE ED 4B FC 23 6A

Cinema 1 12640 V 15000 3/4 Eutelsat 3C (3.0°E) DVB-S2 8PSK, HD PID:36 Orbit sid:0A8F 03.05.2012
Key  AF 37 C8 AE C9 43 A8

Arabic Series  Channel  12640 V 15000 3/4 Eutelsat 3C (3.0°E) Orbit SID:0A92  03.05.2012
Key  BA DC 51 E7 D1 3A EC F7

Cinema 2 12640 V 15000 3/4 Eutelsat 3C (3.0°E) HD  03.05.2012
Key  F3 AD D6 76 1C E9 CA CF

Fann ORBIT Package Channels(8.0°W) 11045 H 08500 3/4 DVB-S/QPSK/Orbit, 11.8 Mbps  30.04.2012
key HEX: A7 EC 69 FC D1 3B F5 01

Mkls Feed ORBIT Package Channels(8.0°W)11045 H 08500 3/4 DVB-S/QPSK/Orbit, 11.8 Mbps
key HEX: A7 EC 69 FC D1 3B F5 01

Music Now ORBIT Package Channels(8.0°W)11045 H 08500 3/4 DVB-S/QPSK/Orbit, 30.04.2012
key HEX: A7 EC 69 FC D1 3B F5 01

Feed HD Liga spain Eutelsat W2A @10E 11220 H 28500 HD 29.04.2012
key Biss: DF B0 14 A3 86 10 31 C7

New Keys 3/5/2012

10730:27500:H:0007 F9E8D7B8C6B5A41F Fox Sports HD 30W
12262:27500:V:0001 383838A8383838A8  EFE -Feed 30W
12591:30000:V:01F4 11223366445566FF  SD TVI 30W
12674:20255:H:0004 1100001100000000  ENTV 22W
12645:03255:H:FFFF BBEF01ABE67E2084  EarthTv
11179:22400:V:02C7 2304658C10107191  Foxlife Greece (12.5W)
11179:22400:V:02C8 2456158F308935EE  FX Greece (12.5W)
11067:08800:V:FFFF 1236549CABCFDE58  MCS/Eurochannel (12.5W)
11045:08500:H:FFFF A7EC69FCD13BF501  Music Now,Fann,Mkls Feed 8.0W
11157:20000:V:0007 1A2B3C814D5E6F1A  Aflam TV (7.0W)
11157:20000:V:0001 1234569C654321C9  Al Aoula (7.0W)
11938:27500:V:0AF1 11122245333444AB  TEST (AL Arabiya) 7.0W
12322:27490:V:001B 1212123612121236  MBC Int 7W
12322:27490:V:100E 12AB34F1CD56EF12  Persia CA 7W
11059:23700:H:025C 1100001100000000  Entv
10722:27500:H:0004 107220A215050721  TV Kiev
11390:27500:H:0001 AC1234F24321CAF2  Inter (4.0W)
11390:27500:H:0009 1234ACF21234ACF2  Inter+ (4.0W)
11390:27500:H:000C 1A2B3C81C3B2A116  RTR Planeta 4W
11390:27500:H:000B 1122336633221166  Hockey 4W
10806:30000:H:0005 1006102611071129  First Ukraine 4W
11629:02400:H:0008 2222226622222266  TV1 Bosnia 4W
12640:15000:V:0A95 1234569C1234569C  Radio Tarabiyat 3E
12640:15000:V:0A96 1234569C1234569C  Radio Khalejyat 3E
12640:15000:V:0A97 1234569C1234569C  Radio Monawaat 3E
12640:15000:V:0A94 9DA1E523435CD271  Music Now 3E
12640:15000:V:0A8D C4ABE352F9D4FAC7 Al Yawm 3E
12640:15000:V:0A8F BF34B4A79A5BFCF1  Cinema 1 3E
12640:15000:V:0A92 A9A2D8237F45D599  Series 3E
12640:15000:V:0A91 C81A6F516EB9F31A  Series +4 3E
12640:15000:V:0A8E 32F42F55C1BA3DB8  Al Safwah 3E
12640:15000:V:0A90 3BE7C1E345CA2736  Cinema 2 3E
12640:15000:V:0A93 23A4672ECF5D1642  Fann 3E
11766:27500:H:17DE 19090628117660E7  TET (4.8E)
11766:27500:H:17ED 1A2B3C004D5E6F00  1+1 International (4.8E)
11766:27500:H:17E8 090219246323068C  2+2 (4.8E)
12073:27500:H:1978 1A1A1A4E1A1A1A4E  1 Auto 4.8E
12130:27500:V:19D2 A5EB22B2576F5016  Ukraina SD 4.8E
10722:27500:V:000C 1234569C7890121A  RTVGE 7E
11823:27500:H:0013 2000ABCBCD2000ED  S2K 9E
11919:27500:V:0003 468725F268884838  Italy Service 9E
12611:09259:H:0003 159ACD7CEBF614F5  MGM Me 10E
11387:30000:V:0006 6D567336FE65C124  Premier League HD 10E
12710:05064:H:0001 1234569CABCDEF67  ITINFI CH8 (Sky-Feed) 10E
11387:30000:V:0008 F8C5A966EBA461F0  NBA TV 10E
11387:30000:V:0005 6CCA3268CDF18C4A  Chelsea TV 10E
10840:03255:V:0001 0204757B6840751D  ORTC (ADG1) 10E
10873:27500:V:0003 CA50B7D131D6585F  Al Aoula Maroc (13.0E)
11747:27500:H:252F 1234569C789C3347  Dubai Sport1 (CH33) 13.0E
12149:27500:V:1C36 A33130046167824A  LiderTv (13.0E)
11319:27500:V:44E1 87467A47E6AA7909  Opap TV (13.0E)
11319:27500:V:44E2 E526232EE47844A0  Monitor Games (13.0E)
11046:10555:H:0016 CDEF12CE5678905E  National 24 16E
11919:27500:H:001B 1212123612121236  MBC Int 26E
11919:27500:H:001D 1212123612121236  Drama USA 26E
11919:27500:H:100E 12AB34F1CD56EF12 Persia CA 26E
12606:02590:V:0064 ABCD007843210064 Eritrea 2 (TV) 30.5E
12168:27500:V:1C85 2C3150AD009DD26F  TV7 Bulgaria 31E
12090:27500:V:1B5E FFFFFFFD01010103  TVCI 31E
12305:27500:H:1E19 2222226622222266  Feed 31E
12520:04340:H:FFFF A33130046167824A  LiderTv (36.0E)
11052:30000:V:0004 1111113322222266  ODIE 39E
12544:24000:H:FFFF 1212123612121236 Cys Radio
11607:03750:H:FFFF 1234569C654321C9 AzeriTv
12596:03700:V:FFFF DBA54500FDE36200 Rustavi2
11054:30000:H:0004 A021230035461400  E2 42E
11054:30000:H:0003 A021230035461400  NTV SPORT 42E
11054:30000:H:0001 A021230035461400 NTV 42E
11919:24444:V:FFFF 1000001000000000  TRT1
11043:06400:V:FFFF 1000001000000000  TRTHD
12130:27500:V:0018 1000001000000000  Rd_Vtn_M 42E
11870:08888:V:FFFF 1000001000000000  TV8
12601:02962:V:FFFF 0020050000195600  Georgian1Tv
11804:24444:V:0029 B053242705808308  DHA Feed 42E
10965:12800:H:0001 1234569C654321C9  AzTV Azerbaican 42E
10965:12800:H:0003 1212123612121236  Ictimai TV 42E
10965:12800:H:0005 1234569C654321C9  Idman TV 42E
10965:12800:H:0007 1234569C654321C9  Medeniyet TV 42E
11194:07200:H:0005 002123441361188C  Intercom3 Radio 42E
11194:07200:H:0006 002123441361188C  Intercom Radio 42E
12168:27500:H:0005 1234569CAAABBB10  Star World 52.5E
12168:27500:H:000f 349905D2CCCDDD76  Star Movies HD 52.5E
11161:05785:V:FFFF 10091932362462BC  Stolicnoe
11045:44950:V:000C 0000000000000101  Nash Dom 53E
11045:44950:V:0004 C12345296789AB9B  CTC+0 53E
11045:44950:V:0003 C12345296789AB9B  CTC+2 53E
11045:44950:V:0006 D12345396789AB9B  Domashny+0 53E
11045:44950:V:0008 D12345396789AB9B  Domashny+2 53E
12664:22500:V:177A 123CD826AB982568  CH1-SCR 53E
12664:22500:V:177B 123CD826AB982568  CH2-SCR 53E
12664:22500:V:178F A7321Cf5B984F532  Orbit Line2 53E
12664:22500:V:1790 A7321Cf5B984F532  Orbit Line3 53E
12664:22500:V:1774 95571A06D23BC3D0  JSC Feed 53E
12595:06666:H:FFFF 0327022C106251C3  Rossiya 1 66E

New Key 1/5/2012
ART Prime Sports   3946 L  2963 


Freq: 4091 V 13333

2600-000004-4091-DE 20 12 CC AF 5A 79 CC.

BTV National Asiasat 3S 105.5°E  3711 V 11395
Bis key: 12 34 5A A0 BC 67 89 AC

Insat 3A/4B @ 93.5° East
KU 10990 V 27500 3/4
C BAND 3725 H 27500 3/4 


Thaicom 5 @ 78.5° East 3480 H DVB-S/MPEG-2 30000 5/6
GMM (ASN) 0326 - 006A key=11 22 33 66 44 55 66 FF
EURO SPORT 0332 - 0076 key=11 22 33 66 44 55 66 FF
Football Plus 0327 - 006B key=11 22 33 66 44 55 66 FF
Sport Plus 0328 - 006C key=11 22 33 66 44 55 66 FF
MUTV 032A - 006E key=11 22 33 66 44 55 66 FF
GMM Sport One 032C - 0070 key=11 22 33 66 44 55 66 FF

New Chennal CSN Sport ON Intelsat 66DGRI Pe Watch Ipl Live
Freequency Is 3772 H 2222

   Biss Codes 


ID 0002
KEY 00 00 00 00 00 01 10 00

BTV National Asiasat 3S 105.5°E Sid: 000B 3711 V 11395
Bis key: 12 34 5A A0 BC 67 89 AC
Insat 3A/4B @ 93.5° East
KU 10990 V 27500 3/4
C BAND 3725 H 27500 3/4
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Dubai Sports (CH 33)12341 V 27500 Nilesat 7°Atlantic Bird 4A
KEY : 33 C9 87 83 65 43 21 C9

Cricone Biss   on yamal.202 enjoy updated 27/4/2012
 Frequency 11774-H-19850  Key:da 2d 3b c2 034 ee0 0d

PTV Sport key de2012ccaf5a79cc  NEW DATE 22/3/2012 UPDATED 

Thaicom 5 @ 78.5° East 3480 H 30000 5/6
Asian Food Channel / SID:0321
Key:12 34 56 9C 78 9A AA BC
Football Plus / SID:0327
Key:12 34 56 9C 78 9A AA BC
Sport Plus / SID:0328
Key:12 34 56 9C 78 9A AA BC
Key:12 34 56 9C 78 9A AA BC
GMM Sport One / SID:032C
Key:12 34 56 9C 78 9A AA BC

My Mobile Number Pakistan 03332978353 


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